Create the lifestyle you desire
Creative design
Design, video production is what we are here for. Let us help you
not just create the design that suits your company, but to create theĀ 
LIFESTYLE that you always desire..
From a simple logo, to a stunning video. We do it all. Give your clients the WOW factor. We do it in style.

Our Clients!

  1. Branding
    Don't know what you're trying to do, directions you're going? Let us make you a brand that will stay forever. From modern, western to luxurious branding, we will do it for you. In case you haven't heard, #webrandinstyle
  2. Marketing, Planning & Seo
    Marketing, Planning & Seo
    Marketing is not easy, let us help you with your social media, marketing content, post engagement, SEO & more. Our SEO service is top of the line, We will make sure that you're #1 & you're also getting what you want for your business.
  3. Video, Photography & Design
    Video, Photography & Design
    We make modern, classy & luxurious videos that suits your company. Our designers are trained, experienced to deliver best results. Did we mention we're awesome at making great design? We will turn your ideas to breathtaking designs. Your ideas & dreams & we will make them come to life. #wedoitinstyle
Meet the team
we do it in #style
  1. Jaden
    CEO of king&queens, Jaden is a graduate of University of Toronto, he does everything. From video editing to web development.
  2. Andrei
    Andrei is one of our web specialist & design specialist. When it comes to design, Photoshop, illustrator, InDesign, banner & logos he can do it with ease & one of the best.
  3. Stephen
    Stephen is our SEO, marketing & design expert. He will make sure whatever it is you have has the right content. Oh & he's also a web developer. Pretty talented I'd say.
  4. Kristen
    Kristen is our all around expert, from marketing, design, make-up, lighting, audio, blogging, she can do it for you. Oh, and she makes good food too. Isn't she perfect?
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